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1. This agreement, as of this _______________ day of ____________________, 2007, between: KLEOPATRA'S PRODUCTIONS -Jean Kilpatrick, hereinafter known as PROMOTER, and

NAME: _______________________________________________;

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________;

CITY: _______________________________________________;

STATE: _______________________________________________;

COUNTRY: ____________________________________________;

ZIP: ______________________________________________;

TELEPHONE: _______________________________________________;

FAX: _______________________________________________;

EMAIL: ______________________________________________________________;

hereinafter known as PRODUCER, when signatured in the respective places indicated below, is limited exclusively to
the parties of signature hereto, and does herewith constitute our agreement as follows:

2. PRODUCER does hereby represent to PROMOTER that said musical work hereof by:

ARTIST: ______________________________________________________________;

TITLE: ______________________________________________________________;

LABEL: ______________________________________________________________;

PUBLISHERS(S): _______________________________________________________;

COMPOSER(S): ________________________________SSN#: _____________________________;

ALBUM?: YES______NO______CUT#_________;

hereinafter known as WORK; is a duly registered copyright and original musical composition. PRODUCER warrants
that it is duly authorized to hereof represent said WORK and/or any and all parties and/or entities with respect thereto,
and has the legal right to enter into this agreement. PRODUCER does herewith deliver to PROMOTER ONE (1 ) CDR
(Compact Disc Reference) or commercially acceptable recorded copy of said WORK to PROMOTER, to be used by
PROMOTER only with respect hereto and for no other purpose(s) whatsoever.



3. In consideration of the sum of NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ($975.00) (USC) payable to:
Jean Kilpatrick Kleopatra's Productions-; upon execution hereof, and upon receipt thereof by PROMOTER: PROMOTER
shall within not more than TEN (10) business days thereafter, cause said WORK to be made available both in title and
content for Promotion of said WORK and/or Performing Artist thereof to Music Users, Program Syndicators and/or
other such services as may be available via Promo Libraries and/or other phonorecord promotion services. Upon
completion thereof by PROMOTER said consideration shall become and remain non-refundable.

4. Upon receipt hereof of executed Agreement along with said respective consideration, PROMOTER shall provide
PRODUCER with a copy of a RECEIPT indicating said services are completed, along with a copy of any Industry
Recognized notification and/or chart that shall come into the possession of PROMOTER. However, PROMOTER does
neither promise, infer nor guarantee sure and certain acceptance or success, monetary or otherwise, of either said
WORK, Performing Artist, concert bookings nor product sales as a direct or indirect result of said efforts and/or
endeavors hereunder.

5. PRODUCER does hereby agree to indemnify PROMOTER and any and all assigns thereof, against: any and all
harm(s), blame(s), fault(s), damage(s), defamation(s) and/or loss(es), monetary or otherwise: specifically but not limited
to: any and all attorney's fees and/or court's costs whatsoever; with respect hereto: immediately and upon demand for
payment thereof: as (a) result(s) of any act(s) or action(s) whatsoever by PRODUCER and/or any and all party(ies)
and/or entity(ies) what/whomsoever associated therewith.

6. Agreed and accepted:


Kleopatra's Productions
Jean Kilpatrick Authorized Agent:_________________________________________.